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Have you ever wanted to head back to the Old West and see what life was like back then? Always on the move and looking for a place to settle down. Back before the age of technology and when you had to either hunt or grow your own food. Times were sure a lot tougher back then, and while we may enjoy our technology and easy to obtain food, sometimes it’s nice to take a trip back in time and relive this era. You can do just that with the Oregon Trail game!

The Game

This game is a battle for survival as you journey down the old Oregon Trail to settle in the West. Throughout your journey you will battle many challenges, from illnesses that are now extinct, all the way to fighting off bandits who will try to rob you. You will need to hunt to provide food for yourself and your companions, gather and sell goods at various towns along the trail to get money for ammo and other supplies, and make life threatening decisions that could either provide reward or end your journey. If you die, you fail the mission, and the more companions that die in your group, the harder it becomes to survive.


The purpose of the website is to allow you to play Oregon Trail! It doesn’t cost you any money to play, and there isn’t any registration required. You can play the game right within your browser, so there isn’t a need to download it either! You can play as long as you want and won’t have to worry about tricks or hidden fees, especially since you will never need to provide your credit card information. If you like the website, you can share it with your friends to get them in on the experience!

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